Yuuta Network / AS142281 / AS4242422980


Yuuta Liang (ID: YuutaW)'s personal educational and research network.

The main purpose running YuutaNet is to learn some networking skills.

I run a few nodes and personal services on my network and I am open for peering.

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Topology and Technologies

We have seven nodes across the world:


YuutaW is the only NOC of YuutaNet. You may contact me at noc@yuuta.moe.

GPG Key: F99854A5DAA0D15DF2FEF89CBCD2B4B9E853C284.


We are open for peering!

For DN42 peering, you may use our auto peering system. It will setup our nodes immediatedly when you submit the peering form. Moreover, you may update your peering information or delete the connections at any time without contacting the NOC.

For clearnet peering, our most connections are established at IXs. For most IXs, we established the connection between our nodes with their route servers, which means you can just connect to their route server and you are ready to go. The whole list of peering locations could be found at our PeeringDB page. However, if you require some custom setup that require a dedicated BGP session, email our NOC. Keep in mind that this is a personal network so response time is not guaranteed.

View our peering policy.


YuutaNet provides:

  • DNS for yuuta.dn42. and DN42 rDNS.
  • YMC Minecraft Server is available via YuutaNet.
  • Free IPv6 tunnel for my friends.
  • Free VPS for my friends.

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